Chinese Metaphysics

Chinese metaphysics is a constituent part of Taoism, a philosophy based on Qi, the energy - the principle of the Yin & Yang balance and the Theory of 5 elements. Therefore, the ancient Chinese sciences like Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading , Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as I Ching divination all represent parts of the very same knowledge.

For thousands of years the Chinese have been observing nature, researching how it affects the man and his life. The Chinese understand that our destiny consists of the following 3 parts:

The Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck and the Human Luck.

Heaven Luck is what the universe gives us at the time of our birth. It is the inscription of our life path, our potentials as well as our life lessons.

Earth Luck is represented by our environment, the energy generated by the landscape relief of the Earth like mountains and rivers, the four directions as well as the building we live in.

Human Luck is the vital energy, the life force within every human being.

A human being can affect his or her own vital energy by self-cultivation, healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, meditation and rising of one’s own awareness. The Earth Luck can be influenced by Feng Shui knowledge and the understanding of nature’s energy. The only luck that cannot be affected by men is  Heaven Luck, representing a third of our destiny. The ancient Chinese astrologers developed the knowledge that can be applied as a tool to foresee the events in one’s life, identify the repetitive causes, determine and locate favourable periods for action and also discover and unveil one’s talents and potential. Chinese Astrology is not about fortunetelling, it is counselling aiming to lead us to a better understanding of (one’s) life, life situations and life lessons.

Yin – Yang

Following the course of nature, the ancient Chinese were trying to understand the laws of life and Qi energy that is invisible and cannot be heard - but is omnipresent, creating the life itself. Yin and Yang are the two poles of this energy, representing the opposites, but yet inseparable. They are constantly in motion, interchanging. Their dynamic relation creates and rules all the life there is. The interaction between Yin and Yang reflects in day and night, positive and negative, active and passive, fast and slow, male and female, hot and cold… They cannot exist separated from each other. Yin and Yang are the two basic forms of qi energy. Their interaction describes the five energy phases, or put differently, the five primordial elements.

The Balance of the 5 elements

In the 5-element theory the Wood produces Fire, the Fire produces Earth, the Earth produces Metal, the Metal produces Water and the Water produces Wood. The Five elements are actually five different energies or types of energy. The expression “Wood produces Water” is actually describing an energy transformation. It is of uttermost importance to understand that the five elements always strive to attain balance, and it is through the five elements that the Yin and Yang balance is achieved.

The Productive Cycle

The burning Wood produces Fire, and the Fire further produces Earth (soil or ashes in this particular case). Deep in the Earth Metal (in the form of ore) is created over years, and Water condenses on the Metal surface. And finally, we all know that while watering plants the Water produces the Wood.

The Controlling Cycle

The Water puts out the Fire, the Fire forges the Metal and the Metal cuts the Wood. The Wood airs the Earth (soil) with its roots, and the Earth in the form of soil retains the Water.